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Host a Bull


Hosting a player as part of summer baseball is a tradition as old as the game itself!  Add a little more excitement to your summer months by taking someone in who is potentially from across North America, and show them what it is like living in the greatest country in the world, the greatest province in the country, and the greatest city in the province.  I guess you know where the Bulls think Lethbridge fits into this planet of ours!  The program also allows you to gain a deeper connection to the team, and we (and the Bull you host) always enjoy seeing the host families at the games! 


 Experience the benefits of hosting a Bull:


  • The Bulls utilize collegiate ball players from across North America to fulfill their desire to play.  For the summer, these athletes become ambassadors for the Bulls and the City of Lethbridge.  The players are required to treat your home, your family, and our community with the utmost respect, and can even be great role models for younger children in the home!
  • The WCBL has a 56 game schedule from May to August with half of those games being on the road.  This means that your guest will be away approximately half of each month, and when they are playing in town, they are at the stadium from 3:00pm to 10:30pm.
  • Your primary responsibility is to provide accommodation for the player.  We also ask that you have food available for the player, for up to 2 meals a day.  We do not expect you to cater to the player, but any assistance is appreciated.  Often the simple gesture of accommodation for the player turns in to a long-term friendship, and it can be fun to follow your player as they reach new milestones in their life.
  • The player is responsible for their own transportation.  Any rides that you may be able to provide are greatly appreciated, but not expected.  We do not want you to inconvenience yourself; though many soon feel their guest is part of the family!
  • The host families have a great experience with their guest, but also enjoy getting to know other host families, and games can be more fun when you know players and families because you have a personal stake in them!



The Bulls appreciate the valuable service that you will be providing to our community, our club and the player.  For this we will compensate you with grocery gift cards for the season along with two box seat season tickets plus Calf Club memberships for any kids in your household so the whole family can come and support “their player”, and most of all enjoy the game of baseball!

Please consider being part of our “Host-a-Bull” program this summer! To become a host family for the Lethbridge Bulls Baseball Club, please contact the Bulls office at 403-320-2025 and leave a message for our Host Family Coordinator, Heather Mitchelmore.