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Baseball Is In Our Blood: The McTavish Legacy

Baseball isn't just a game to us; it's in our blood.

This summer, the McTavish brothers, Shaye and Brennan, suit up once more for the Bulls, continuing the legacy established by their father, Les McTavish. Known for his historic no-hitter and time coaching with the Bulls, Les now mentors as Head Coach at the Vauxhall Baseball Academy, where he passed on his passion and skills to his sons during their time there.

"The game of baseball is my life … my family is baseball. My wife loves it, my daughter loves it, my boys love it, my parents love it, my brother loves it. Baseball is the McTavish family and it’s helped me travel the world, it’s helped my kids travel the world, and my wife travel the world. It’s something that is a huge, huge part of our family and I hope it is for my entire life. It’s something that brings joy to my voice every day and makes me want to get up and go to work and hopefully help 22 student athletes fulfill their dream and, most importantly, hopefully we provide them some direction to figure out what they love in life. Baseball is something that I love dearly and it’s given me a lot and hopefully I’m able to give a lot back, too,” - Vauxhall Academy head coach Les McTavish for Alberta Dugout Stories.

For over 25 years, families like the McTavishes have woven their own stories into the fabric of our incredible baseball community, and we're grateful to be a part of each and every one of their unique tales of dedication, hard-work, heart-break and victory.

In our hearts and on the field, baseball is more than a sport—it's a part of who we are.


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